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    NPTV. Captivating moving images, lively narrative, and sound will always have a place in the media mix. And although this is not necessarily a new idea, it certainly is one that needs to be considered, and re-considered, until the right mechanisms are uncovered to carry it forth.  The NASA channel is undoubtedly a difficult model to follow, as it is both expensive and at times outright dull — but when an exciting space event takes place, it attract huge numbers of viewers. Likewise, it is incredibly educational (hence, probably here to stay).  And yes, although there are tons of existing footage on parks, tons does not necessarily equal the quality needed for broadcast purposes. However, cobbling together materials that are indeed of sufficient caliber, along with periodic “live” or “life-like” presentations, could make for a rather formidable broadcast quality format. This might be something that a media based foundation would be willing to support, however, a less elaborate version could be carried forth by using a combination of existing NPS media specialists and philanthropic support. Alternatively, offering something along this line via streaming video could be a reasonable option. As we re-evaluate who “visitors” are, and grow toward accepting “remote visitors” with greater embrace, this would be an appropriate means for increasing this form of connection.

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