October 19, 2012

Renewing the Call

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Taking stock of the centennial is about much more than observing a single day, or even a full year. It is about recognizing our contributions to conservation, stewardship, recreation, civic dialogue, and quality of life. It is about growing, improving and if needed, shifting that work to meet the needs of the next century. It is about leaning forward into the future, and moving together as a parks community toward shared goals.

The Call to Action provides us a framework of innovative actions, around which we can work collaboratively and strategically. We do, and will, achieve so much more than those discrete actions, but they provide us with a few specific, shared targets around which we can have exponential impact when the resources of the full parks community are leveraged. Check out the Call to Action successes so far.

Flexibility and creativity in implementation are cornerstones of the Call to Action. From the time it was launched in 2011, we recognized the need for the plan to be equally flexible. Over the course of the first year, the need to tweak some actions became evident to NPS staff and our partners, the specific targets within some actions were completed, and the need to add some actions to the mix became apparent. In August of this year, A Call to Action was updated to be responsive to this feedback.

While implementation will continue over time, the targeted goals for these three actions are completed: (12) Follow the Flow, (21) Revisit Leopold, and (35) Welcome Aboard.

Three new actions have been added: Crystal Clear, Enjoy the View, and Lead the Way. Check out the new actions and the updated Call to Action for 2012.

The parks community collectively will chart the future of our work. We will celebrate the centennial together and invite the public to be part of our commemoration. But, it is the underlying work we will do to elevate and collaborate around innovative programs that will shape future visitor experiences, a legacy of stewardship and the role of the National Park Service and the parks community in the next century. What are your ideas about how to create change in the parks community to prepare for the centennial? How will you answer the Call?

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  1. We appreciate all you are doing, Jon and crew. And we need to dream big — even beyond A Call To Action … with ideas like A Penny for Parks through the next surface transportation measure and authorizing bonds for needed visitor infrastructure that has a fee-based revenue stream.

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