February 25, 2015

New Centennial Licensing Program Retail Guide Available

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The National Park Service and National Park Foundation are pleased to announce the completion of the centennial licensing program retail guide! Park concessioners, cooperating associations, and friends groups are invited to participate in the licensing program and incorporate the centennial logo and Find Your Park logo onto retail products, souvenirs, apparel, and other merchandise. Both logos will be highly visible over the next two years as NPS and NPF launch the Find Your Park national campaign, driving demand and brand awareness of the logos.

Participants in the licensing program will be able to choose from a range of design options for incorporating the logos. The retail guide includes dozens of creative graphic treatments of both logos, as well as templates that allow for easy park customization. The individual logos themselves can also be incorporated into product designs, following the logo guidelines included in the guide. By including a range of options, the program allows licensees to determine their level of design effort, from simply using the supplied graphic treatments to incorporating the logos into original designs.

The guide also contains font packages, color palettes, and packaging samples available for approved usage. Licensees will be able to access the full guide and the graphic files quickly and easily via an on-line platform after completing a simple registration form.

This turnkey program is designed for park partners to be able to quickly register and gain access to the full retail guide and graphic assets. A royalty rate of 4.25% will be applied to each retail sale to be paid by park-partner licensees to the National Park Foundation. In addition, NPS and NPF are creating a line of standard house centennial products that will be available for park retailers to purchase directly through an NPF webstore and will not require a license agreement.

To register as a licensee, gain access to the full retail guide and graphic assets, get started on the development of centennial and Find Your Park merchandise, and ensure that you receive additional updates on all aspects of the program:

Contact M Style Marketing at nationalparks@mstylemarketing.com
Visit the National Park Foundation Centennial Licensing webpage


  1. I have filled out the licensing agreement, but do not have an address or email address to send it to. Where does it need to go? Thanks,

  2. Is there a place where NPS employees can buy a t-shirt or other merchandise with the boot print/centennial image found on this webpage?

  3. Ok am from newnyork state. When I visited grand Tetons, I was at the visitors center in moose Wyoming. I saw the long sleeve white centennial shirts with the arrowhead logo in the 2016 on the shirt. They only had 2xx left and suggested I go on their website to order my size as they didn’t know when they were getting more. I can’t find where and how to order. Could you help me?

  4. Is there a website to order shirts with the shoe print logo with out having to sell the merchandise?

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