June 3, 2016

New Resources Available to Celebrate the Centennial

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The National Park Service and National Park Foundation have released a suite of new resources and tools that partners can use to celebrate the centennial. The new items include Find Your Park creative graphics as well as promotional materials for the 100th Anniversary of the National Park Service Commemorative Coins Series. All of the items are available to download from the Next Century for Parks website. After registering with the site, visit the “Tools” section to access all materials.

The Find Your Park creative materials include full-page and half-page graphics, posters, billboard, and bus shelter signs that can be downloaded, printed, and displayed. New digital banners for websites are also available. The 2016 creative designs invite everyone to join the centennial celebration through depictions of the number “1-0-0” with features from national parks. Additional resources include a birthday video public service announcement and an audio birthday message. Be sure to download the updated “Creative Summary and Guidance” toolkit for detailed guidance on how and where to use the materials.

The new toolkit for the 100th Anniversary of the NPS Commemorative Coins Series includes resources that concessioners and cooperating associations can use to promote and sell the coins, including talking points, essential series facts, ordering information, point-of-sale signs, rack cards, and digital graphics. Concessioners and cooperating associations who are selling the coins in parks are already reporting strong sales and interest from visitors, so be sure to take advantage of this centennial-year-only program. The coin toolkit is also available in the “Tools” section.

If you have any questions about the materials and resources available, please contact the National Park Service Centennial Office at nps_centennial@nps.gov.

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