The National Park Foundation, in partnership with the National Park Service, wanted to create a space for meaningful dialogue and the exchange of innovative ideas about the next century for parks.

Whether you are a national park partner, supporter, advocate, friend, fan, enthusiast or National Park Service employee – this is the place for you for to share your thoughts for the second century of America’s national parks and NPS programs. The site has been framed around the four themes of the NPS A Call to Action and you are invited to suggest ways to support and build upon its goals and action items.

A Call to Action

A Call to ActionThe NPS’s A Call to Action, a list of strategic, innovative and measurable actions, is the strategic vision to take the National Park Service to its second century of the stewardship and public enjoyment. Those measurable actions (and this site) are organized into four themes: Connecting to Parks, Advancing Education, Preserving Special Places, and Organizational Excellence. In the words of A Call to Action:

A Second-Century National Park Service

Connects People to Parks and helps communities protect what is special to them, highlight their history, and retain or rebuild their economic and environmental sustainability.

Advances the Education Mission by strengthening the NPS role as an educational force based on core American values, historical and scientific scholarship, and unbiased translation of the complexities of the American experience.

Preserves America’s Special Places and is a leader in extending the benefits of conservation across physical, social, political, and international boundaries in partnership with others.

Enhances Professional and Organizational Excellence by adapting to the changing needs of visitors, communities, and partners; encouraging organizational innovation; and giving employees the chance to reach their full potential.

Now it is your turn. Join the conversation by selecting one of these themes and adding your voice to the forums. Together, we can help set the course for the next 100 years.